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bridal shower invitation wording

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Bridal shower invitation wording consists of many different factors. The actual text that you will present, the color scheme, the design and layout and more must all be evaluated and planned out. Taking into account the personality and style of the bride as well as the theme of the wedding, the following factors must be considered:

Mandatory Invitation Wording

There are certain pieces of information that etiquette insists you must include in a bridal shower invitation. The following invitation wording is standard on any bridal shower invitation:

  • Introduction- Your introduction can be as simple as "Bridal Shower" or as fancy as "Please join us for a bridal shower in honor of".
  • Bride's Name- This detail is the most important, forget this one and you will be legendary for the wrong reasons.
  • Shower Location- Shower location is the name of the place where the shower will take place, often the home of the person hosting the bridal shower.
  • Shower Address- The address of the location where the shower will take place.
  • Shower Date/Time- When will the event take place and at what time.
  • RSVP Contact- The name of the person who is in charge of RSVP activities.
  • RSVP Phone/Email- Usually the phone number but you can substitute an email address if that is the preference of the RSVP contact.

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional

Do you want a traditional bridal shower invitation or something that is unique and non-traditional? It is a good idea to look to the bride for this determination as well as the style and theme of the wedding invitations. You certainly wouldn't want an invitation that pushes the limits if your bride is a traditionalist and/or the wedding itself is more reserved. Use your best judgement and when in doubt check with the bride.

Optional Invitation Wording

Going along with whether or not you want traditional wedding invitations, if you do not you can consider adding optional invitation information in order to make your invitations more unique and personal. Optional information can include, registry and gift information, poems, quotes or other personalized details that you would not find on the average bridal shower invitation.

Color Scheme

What color scheme do you want for your bridal shower invitations? This includes the color of the text, the background and any design that is included on your invitations. Once again consideration should be given to the style and preferences of the bride as well as the color scheme of the wedding and reception. Does that bride have a favorite color that she would like included in the festivities? This is a question you should be asking.

Design and Layout

Choose a design that accentuates your invitation wording. The design should be visually appealing but should not distract the reader from the information you are trying to present. As always any design choice should respect the wishes of the bride. Unless you are going for a more non-traditional theme be sure to tie the bridal shower invitations to the theme and invitations for the wedding itself.


Deciding what to include on your bridal shower invitations is much easier if you have concrete examples to work from. Here are several wording examples to get you started:

Example 1

Please join us for a bridal shower in honor of

Valerie Johnson

Saturday, July Twenty-Seventh, two-thousand thirteen
One O'clock in the afternoon

Magnolia Plantation
818 Elmwood Park Blvd.
Harahan, LA 70123

Hosted by:
Her beautiful bridesmaids

Lori Weinberg
(504) 555-0100

Example 2

You are invited to a bridal shower for


Sunday, September 8th, 2013

91 Horatio
91 Horatio Street
New York, NY 10014

Hosted by:
Her bridesmaids

RSVP by August 30th to:
Terri Schmidt
(212) 555-0101

Example 3

Please join us at a bridal shower celebrating

Stephanie McConnell

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Springfield Country Club
400 W. Sproul Rd
Springfield, PA 19064

Hosted by Katrina Mcnabb

Regrets only to:
Carrie North
(610) 555-0102

Registered at:
Neiman Marcus

Example 4

Bridal Shower in honor of


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Black Canyon Inn
800 MacGregor Avenue
Estes Park, CO 80517

Hosted by:
Tabitha Rushmore and Bridget Shanahan

Please respond to Rosalyn
(212) 555-0101

The Bride and Groom are registered at
Macy's and Pottery Barn

Example 5

A sunny future begins with a shower
Please join us at a Bridal Shower celebrating

Mary Watkins

Friday, April 5th, 2013

The Italian Club of Tampa
1731 East 7th Avenue
Tampa, FL 33605

Hosted by her Maid of Honor

Regrets only
Desiree Jones

Example 6

Bridal Shower for


Sunday, November Tenth, Two-Thousand Thirteen
One-Thirty in the afternoon

Tom's Country Place
3442 Stoney Ridge Road
Avon, OH 44011

Hosted by her family

RSVP by October 10th to:
Amanda Bynum (440) 555-0105

Registered at:
Bed Bath and Beyond

Example 7

Bridal shower honoring

Destiny Maxwell

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mustard Seed Gardens
77 Metsker Lane
Noblesville, IN 46062

Hosted by Leslie Jefferson

Tiffany at (317) 555-0106

Bride and Groom registered at:
Pier 1 and Target

Example 8

Before the Miss becomes a Mrs. let's shower her with love
Please join us for a bridal shower in honor of

Joan Stevens

Saturday, July Twenty-Seventh, Two-Thousand Thirteen
Two O'clock in the afternoon

Angela's House
90 Front Street
Exeter, NH 03833

Hosted by Angela Reinhold

RSVP regrets only:
Jasmine Powers
(603) 555-0107

Example 9

Wine tasting bridal shower in honor of

Kelly Prestwood

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Home of Brittany Simpson
539 South Peachtree Street
Norcross, GA 30071

Hosted by Brittany

Send regrets to:
Linda Fullerton
(770) 555-0108

Kelly is registered at Nordstrom

Example 10

We are having a lingerie bridal shower to celebrate

Jennifer Jackson

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

Stephanie Wilson's Home
4800 East Wardlow Road
Long Beach, CA 90808

Hosted by:
Stephanie Wilson

RSVP and attire contact:
Jennifer Ryder
(562) 555-0109

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