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Planning a bridal shower is a job with many challenging responsibilities. First you have to find a location for the event. Next you have to decide on a theme or decoration scheme. Also you have to decide what type of food to serve at the bridal shower. What will the bridal shower invitations say and what will they look like? Who will you invite to the special event? It can easily get overwhelming especially for one or two people.

This is why we created a free resource with bridal shower advice and tips to guide the way for those of you who need a little help. Planning bridal showers is not something they teach us in school. You must rely on yourself and advice from family members if any of them have experience. If not, we hope this resource can give you some peace of mind and inspire your creativity and vision for your bridal shower.

Over the coming months we will be continually adding new articles and information as well as visual examples on planning and executing a great bridal shower. If you have any ideas or information to share please get involved by leaving a comment or commenting about an article you read here on social media. We are always looking for new ideas and creative moments when it comes to bridal showers.


Our tips section is the place to go for timely articles that provide advice and tips about all things bridal shower. The tips page is seperated by categories and we will be adding many articles and categories relating to bridal shower invitation wording, games, themes and more.


Having an amazing bridal shower theme that fits with the style and wedding theme of the bride can really add to the wow factor at your event. Find practical advice about choosing and creating themes in our themes section or if you are visually inclined you can browse a wide selection of beautiful theme ideas in our theme gallery.


Finding a cake specifically for a bridal shower can be a difficult proposition. It depends on many different factors such as the formality of the wedding as well as the price you are looking to pay. Find helpful guidelines on choosing a bridal shower cake in our cakes section. If you are interested in looking at cake ideas you can view our cake gallery.

Invitation Wording

Bridal shower invitation wording can be tricky if you have never had any experience with it and you don't have any guidelines to go by. Consider us the ultimate source for bridal shower invitation wording information and examples.

Get practical advice on how to organize and present your bridal shower invitations in our invitation wording section. If you want to visualize invitation wording, color and font, try out our invitation wording simulator. To view images for inspiration for your bridal shower check out our invitation wording gallery.


We provide important information and unique ideas on a wide variety of bridal shower topics. With our idea galleries and informational articles we are your source for all things bridal shower. Information that we specialize in is bridal shower games, centerpieces, decorations and much more.

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Bridal Shower Adviser is a useful guide that offers practical advice on bridal shower invitations, decorations, games, and other information that you need to know for your big event.

For more information about how to make your bridal shower a smashing success check out our tips section.